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About Romania Leadership Ministries

Our Story

Elisei and Adriana were born in Romania and lived under its communist regime until they were in their early thirties. Elisei's family has had a strong influence on his walk with God as his father had pastoral roles in Romania in the Ploiesti, Prahova, and Buzau areas.  

The roots of Romania Leadership Ministries go back to Romania’s communist era. In the 1970’s a group of young Christians decided to begin an illegal underground church training movement. One of the group’s leaders was Elisei Rusu who helped to organize and develop courses, and distribute smuggled Bibles and Christian literature. In 1985 the movement was forced to close when members, including Elisei were arrested and imprisoned by the secret police. Through God’s providence, Elisei and his family were eventually exiled from Romania and granted asylum in the United States. After communism fell in 1989, Elisei returned to Romania and began planning for the development of a Bible institute. Finally, in 1992 Elisei, his brother Ieremia, and a few others founded one of the first Evangelical Christian Bible Institutes in Romania.

God has clearly protected and guided TBI and the Rusus over the past 30 years. Since its founding, TBI has trained over 700 individuals, many of whom have gone on to serve as pastors, teachers and elders in churches across Europe and the world. 

In 2001, TBI completed work on a dormitory with space for 50 students. A few years later, a land developer sued the school in a blatant attempt to steal the Institute’s property by manipulating Romania’s corrupt legal and political system. For seven years Elisei led the legal team as they fought through the courts. Finally, the case ended in 2012 with the school able to successfully secure its land against future legal threat. God had big plans for this place and people.

Our Missions

Preaching, Counseling and Mentoring

Teaching and Training Future Church Leaders

Spreading the Gospel

Through Radio, Television and Print 

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