Romania Leadership Ministries

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Romania Leadership Ministries is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, incorporated in Illinois, U.S.A.
RLM exists to strengthen and expand Christ's Church in Romania and Europe through the work of Elisei and Adriana Rusu and by strategic partnership with Timotheus Bible Institute and Antioch Church in Bucharest, Romania.

Part of Elisei's Story was Featured in a Wheaton Bible Church Sermon:


RLM's goals are fourfold:

  1. Help build a strong and vital church that will contribute to the spiritual and moral recovery of Romania.
  2. Work with and pull alongside local churches in helping them fulfill God's plan for Romania and all of Europe. 
  3. Our financial, physical, and intellectual assets will primarily be used in Romania and Europe for the building up and strengthening of local church ministries and leadership.  
  4. Assist Timotheus Bible Institue (TBI) as it provides training for leaders in the local church and for Christian Leaders in society. 

RLM's Ministry Objectives are to:

  1. Create, translate, and distribute learning materials and seminars that can be used to help train formal and informal church leaders.
  2. Edify, motivate, and equip followers of Jesus Christ as they serve and evangelize others.
  3. Assist Timotheus Bible Institute in acquiring finances and grants required to maintain and provide its learning programs.
  4. Assist Timotheus Bible Institue in maintaining accreditation.
  5. Help Timotheus Bible Institute in delivering training to church and ministry leaders to serve God in Romania and in other countries in Europe.
  6. Create and implement an online distance learning infrastructure and capability through Timotheus Bible Institute, that will provide future learning possibilities for churches in Romania and Europe.
  7. Preach and teach in local churches, on the radio, and in articles and books throughout Romania and in various countries in Europe.
  8. Help to rebuild the moral fiber of Romania.